Vietnamese cinnamon is harvested from the species Cinnamomum loureiroi, and also goes by the name Saigon cinnamon. Vietnamese cinnamon is the strongest cinnamon due to a high essential oil content, of which 25% is cinnamaldehyde. Due to this, Vietnamese cinnamon is the butt-kicker cinnamon of the cooking world. Bakers in particular, take note: This is the cinnamon you want for your spice cakes, cookies, and definitely in your cinnamon rolls. We also like a pinch added to a batch of ready coffee grounds or espresso powder before passing through the water to give the everyday cup a bit of pep.


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1. Process of production cigarettes cinnamon:
- Harvesting cinnamon bark
- Remove fresh lumps
- Cut small plates 2 inch  wide
- Dry until the cinnamon grows like a cigarette
- Cut length of 4inch (or as required by each large order).
- Close cartons of 10 to 15 kg in containers or small bags of 500g

10kg per carton

2. Quality standards:
- Division: Cinnamon tree trunk
- Outside: Natural reddish brown
- Size: Diameter 1cm to 1.5cm, length 4inch (or order order)
- Humidity: 14%
- Concentration of essential oils: 3% to 5% to ensure the spicy, sweet and characteristic aroma

Cigarette Cut Cinnamon Sticks

3. Use of cigarettes cinnamon:
- Cooking: dishes such as meat shed, fish ware
- Preparation: Make coffee sticks, vitamins
- Decoration decor: decorate pattern, decorate Christmas tree ...

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