We proudly presents our products as Square Cinnamon Box, Round Cinnamon Box, cinnamon toothpick dispenser: with and without texture . All products are made of cinnamon bark by sophisticated staff. They make the audience so surprised and happy. We accept production according to your samples in quantities of 500 or more. With competitive price and high quality, We are pleased to introduce common commercial products.


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As a company growing in the cinnamon forest, We are always thinking of creating valuable products with the characteristics of Cinnamon.
We have selected Cinnamon Arts as a key development product. With home-use products such as cinnamon cans, round or square cinnamon boxes, cinnamon toothpick dispenser, we are very pleased to bring these special products to domestic and abroad customers . Wherever we meet these products, we are proud of our homeland of Quang Ngai province and the typical values ​​of Sai gon Cinnamon.
How we made cinnamon handmade products:
Cinnamon bark after being peeled off from the trunk through stages of stretching, drying, cutting, steaming, bundling, paste to become product as sample ..... under the skillful hands of craftsmen to made  artistic and unique products from cinnamon, worthy of being one of the local specialties of Tra Bong district, Quang Ngai province.
Here are some of the products we have received the most orders.
Cinnamon Square Boxs  have Small to large size and they are extremely handy for storage
Cinnamon boxs are so, actually they have been travelled all over the world, from Singapore,Japan, Korean to Europe and the US, it's our pride . Many people like our crafts, with these boxes you can use it for storage of coffee, tea, cashews, cocoa, toothpicks or cinnamon powder, cinnamon tubes. They are very convenient and can be used to create your own features for your restaurant, company, office or house.
Small and Large Round Cinnamon Box
pyramid boxs
Heart-shaped box
We are very pleased to serve you, your company exports or any wholesale need different models or your samples.
Please contact the information below for more information.

WeCay company limited (manufacturer)

Address: Binh Trung hamlet, Tra Binh commune, Tra Bong district, Quang Ngai province, Vietnam


Hotline+84 356 177 178 (Whatsapp,Zalo, Viber)

Skype: Ynguyen2015

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  • Patti Moore (15-07-2023) Reply
    I live in Bangkok. How can i buy cinnamon wood boxes?
  • Patti Moore (15-07-2023) Reply
    I live in Bangkok. How can i buy cinnamon wood boxes?
  • Lê Đình Phong (18-06-2019) Reply
    sản phẩm rất đặc sắc, mùi thơm quế tôi rất thích