Cinnamon incense

From Tra Bong cinnamon bark after grinding into powder, mixed with a little bit of Litsea glue (vegetable glue). In each incense stick contains the aroma of cinnamon, when burning incense we feel soft, sweet, warmth, that is very beneficial to health.

Cinnamon incense

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Cinnamon incense
1. Overview of the product:
Origin: Quang Ngai province, Vietnam
Length of incense sticks: 38 cm
Burning time: 60 minutes.
Errors allowed for quality: Because no synthetic adhesive is used, incense may be slightly cracked.
Bundle 160 sticks of incense (320 gram)
2. Ingredients:
The mixture of incense powder includes: Cinnamon bark powder, Litsea glue (vegetable glue), Bamboo toothpick.
Do not mix any chemicals that create odors, color.
Used for rituals of worship
Creat Scent for your room
Be suitable for relaxing after working hour
Use for yoga activities
Create a warm atmosphere in the family
Repelling insects: flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches ...
Preserving in a dry place, away from direct sunlight
4. Instructions for use:
Sweet smell, little smoke, suitable for daily use.
Can be used in rooms with air conditioning
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