Vietnamese cinnamon is harvested from the species Cinnamomum loureiroi, and also goes by the name Saigon cinnamon. Vietnamese cinnamon is the strongest cinnamon due to a high essential oil content, of which 25% is cinnamaldehyde. Due to this, Vietnamese cinnamon is the butt-kicker cinnamon of the cooking world. Bakers in particular, take note: This is the cinnamon you want for your spice cakes, cookies, and definitely in your cinnamon rolls. We also like a pinch added to a batch of ready coffee grounds or espresso powder before passing through the water to give the everyday cup a bit of pep.


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1. Process of producing cinnamon powder

Harvest fresh cinnamon bark

Remove the thin scabrous layer outside the fresh shell

Clean and exposure under the sun until a moisture content of 12%

Grind bark to powder by using a specialized machine.

Package 250 Gram per pack

2. Quality standards:

Position: Cinnamon barks are harvesting in Quang Ngai province (the central Vietnam)

100% Pure

Appearance: Natural reddish brown, aromatic, spicy, sweet powder.

Size: 60 mesh

Humidity: 12%

High Quality Cinnamon and be rich in essential oils

3. Advantages of Tra Bong cinnamon powder:

Tra Bong cinnamon is the cinnamon with the highest oil content in Vietnam, natural growth.

Production techniques are compliance with export standards

Professional services include free return policy when not satisfied.

Fast delivery and payment at home.

4. Notes on using

Cinnamon has anticoagulant effect, so caution should be careful when used in combination with blood thinning products such as aspirin.

Pregnant women shouldn’t use

Use as directed to be effective as well as avoid heat cause in the body.

Storage: do store fragrance in cool , dry place away from sunlight.


Địa chỉ: Trà Bình, Trà Bồng, Quảng Ngãi


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